Thursday, July 2, 2009

GMHG - 1 week & counting

It is one week, until we head to Grandfather Mountain to get the Clan Scott tent set-up and attend the torchlight ceremony.
Today I made a new tartan flag, out of my new piece of Ancient Red tartan. DH has been printing bookmarks; I have them laminated and the tassels are on them.
The bookmarks will be a little gift for anyone turning in a paid membership form at GMHG, next weekend. We will be making buttons, key chains and t-shirts over the next few days.

Then we need to pack clothes. I need to figure out 6 outfits for the 4 days. You "guys" have it so easy, put on a clean shirt each day and 1 evening, slip on either your Doune or Prince Charlie Jackets with a tux shirt, and your good to go! OH, yes, don't forget clean socks with the clean shirts.


  1. Hi I just found your blog we have several interests the same. I am from Clan McRae. I wish I was going to the Highland games. So did your clan settle in SC? Mine in Ga.

  2. Hi Gina,
    John Scott,Sr. came in at Cape Fear. From the date I think he was a loyalist and received a land grant from the King. He was also a practicing attorney in England. So it all kind of adds up.
    I see you are in Sarasota, I lived in Englewood for 8 years, back in the 80's. Son lived in Sarasota & Bradenton after HS, then moved to NC.

  3. Oops, I didn't answer your question. John settled in Caswell County, NC. John practice law in VA & NC. He was in the Bedford VA at some period.
    His daughter, Catherine, married Rev. Hugh McAden. Hugh was the 1st Presbyterian Minister in NC.
    John was living with Catherine and Hugh at the time of his death. All 3 of them are buried at Red Church in Semora, Caswell County, NC.