Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th is National Tartan Day

Scott Modern Red

Today is National Tartan Day.

When choosing a tartan you can sometimes have a difficult choice in which side of your family to honor.
Normally the father's or husband's tartan is the tartan a girl or woman wears.
Exception being if the mother's family outranks the father's. Normally a Stewart/Stuart tartan would not be outranked, being the line of Royalty.
I choose to wear the Scott tartans.
I grew up surrounded by my mother's family, the Scotts.
My mother was eldest living daughter of twelve siblings.
She was a second mother to her youngest siblings.

My father's family, the Butes, cut ties, with my mother and I, after my father's death.
I did ask his only living brother to walk me down the aisle when I married the first time; that was the last time I ever saw my uncle.

Stuart of Bute