Monday, November 15, 2010

Foothills Highland Games

Well Foothills Highland Games has came and gone for another year.  Yeah!!!  I am doing the "Happy Dance".

Woke up, vomiting and left hotel an hour later. Windshield was covered with frost, finally got it thawed and removed.  It was the coldest it has ever been in the ten years of Foothills Highland Games. Still managed to arrive at park before sunrise.  Drove into total insanity!  Too dark too see numbers on the field. One vendor just showed up - not approved to be a vendor or having paid be a vendor and no space assignment. Everyone was trying to plug in to generator that was only enough power for a certain number of vendors that paid for electric - kept blowing the circuits and then discovered someone was trying to run a fridge, TV, DVD player and WiFi that had been told if we had an outlet after the paying vendors hooked up he could hook up his TV and DVD player.  Got my head bit off by a charity organizer's husband, lead singer of one of our bands almost took him out for being so rude to me - I was told later.  Shawn, your my hero of the day!

Then the sun came out!  Insert "Heavenly Music" here.  Every thing went smoothly, I stayed in the VIP tent most of the day, being taken care of by the VIP tent chairmen. 

Clan Scott's boxes and tent lay in Clan Scott's space all day long. I felt too bad to go set it up and didn't really care! Joe & Shirley, 2 Clan Scott members arrived and had Clan Scott's banner in the Parade of Tartans.

Photo from a warmer healthier day with Shirley and Joe.  Wish I had a photo of Joe that day, he had on a LL Bean - flannel shirt in black and white Clan Scott tartan.
And for bravery - the award goes to Aubrey, who showed up to beautify the games.

Photo of Aubrey, also, from a much much warmer day!  She sat in the sun, out of the wind and said she wasn't all that cold. Mmmm, right!  Little girls would be walking by and suddenly see her, and stop in their tracks.  "Mommy, a fairy!"  The mommies would bring them over to Aubrey and she would share fairy dust with them!  A lot of happy little girls forgot how cold they were, and walked away looking at their hands and their fairy dust.

Fairies really do make dreams come true!  I believe, I believe, I believe!