Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sir Walter Scott vs. Robert Burns

One of my Facebook friends had an interesting comment, the other day:
We have a George Washington's birthday on the calender and a Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday on the calender , then why do we not have a Sitting Bull birthday or a Crazy horse? you know I am just saying fair is fair, right?

My thoughts continued to:
Kind of like all the "Robert Burn's Dinners" , why not a "Sir Walter Scott Dinner". Walter was a "Sir" and wrote a whole lot more than Robert! Thing to add to the "Why?" list.

An August dinner would be so much pleasanter to attend than a January dinner. High heels on ice, a brisk breeze up hubby's kilt, creeping down a slick hillside road to site of venue; don't forget the $25-$35 per person. Oh, yes, I have been there. "How soon can we leave for home and defrost?" One wee shot of import Scotch at $8-$12 isn't going to work!

August dinner could be held in a sunny park like setting. a few choice reads of excerpts from plays by Walter, everyone joining to sing "Loch Lomond" - lyrics are said to be written by the Duchess of Buccleuch, and how about everyone bringing their favorite Scottish dish to share.

That seems like my kind of fun. How about camping together and having a relaxed pleasant time for the week end - "On the Bonny Bonny Shores of Loch ----?Norman?" Yea that works!

Frugal in the proper Scottish tradition. Bring the kids and the grandkids, no babysitter.

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