Thursday, June 18, 2009

NC Commissioner Appointment

Well, Hello NC!
Chieftian KD called this evening, amidst "Devine Miss M" chaos, and asked if I would be interested in being NC Commissioner. "Sure". Chieftian KD continues to tell me why I would be "perfect" for the position. I am agreeing and telling him, "Yes, I have been debating for sometime as to emailing my interest, before NC is appointed to someone." Ok, now we are on the same page.
I am feeling relief, I have finally done what I have been wanting to commit to for several months.
My founding Grandfather (in this country) X6 - John Scott, Sr; came in through Cape Fear and I feel like I am continuing a connection with John and NC. I feel like I have came "home" moving to NC, last year.
The most important part is: I am near DYS and the "Devine Miss M".
I am looking forward to connecting with distant family members and connecting with Clan Scott past & present members in NC.

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